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Background Checks

Now more than ever, employers want to make sure that they’re hiring the right person for the job. The interview & resume provide a lot of useful information about a prospective employee, a background check can offer an other perspective you need to select the very best person.

TR Information Services offers a full scope of searches including:

  • Credit Reports
  • SSN  and address verifications
  • CBSV Consent-Based SSN Verification
  • Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Nothing provides better coverage of the United States than the USA National Criminal Record Search . With one search, you can cover more than 400 million criminal records from counties, Dept. of Corrections (DOC), Admin of the Court (AOC) (Subject to availability).  Database record results are verified by county level searches as required by the FCRA.

TR Information Services offers a full range of criminal record searches:

  • National Criminal Records  (Subject to availability)
  • State Criminal Records  (Subject to availability)
  • County Criminal Records
  • Federal Criminal Records


Driving Records

Does your business depend on your ability to move cargo, goods or people? If so we can offer your business instant access to Driving Records . We eliminate the hassle of going down to the DMV personally or sending your request by snail mail to order each individual driving record!

TR Information Services offers a instant online Driving Records

  • MVR’s from all 50 States
  • Order 24 x 7
  • Violations and DUI/DWI
  • Suspensions/Revocations

Driving Record Monitoring

Our Fleet Alert Service automatically checks, tracks, organizes & alerts important driving record notifications to safety managers.  Alerts are sent via e-mail on new driving violations, DUI convictions,  license suspensions, cancellations, revocations and more.

TR Information Services offers Driving Record Monitoring

  • DMV Driving Record Alerts
  • Custom Driver Scoring
  • Fleet Driver Management
  • Custom Driver Scoring
TR Information Services responded to my request and resolved it on a Saturday! The service we are receiving from this organization is truly outstanding!”
-Dave R. Manager,  GTF

What we offer…

TR Information Services can offer any type or size business a configurable and streamlined solution that meets your pre employment screening  needs. With unsurpassed technology, data sources and customer support, there is  no better single source background check solution available.

We offer access to Millions of records from State and National Criminal History Files,  County level searches, Federal Criminal Records, Government Watch Lists, Driving Records,  Sex Offender Registries, SSN verification, CBSV Consent-Based SSN Verification & Past Addresses going back 7+ years… and much more.

Many of our clients include a multi-jurisdictional database (often incorrectly called a “national database”) in their background checks. This is a database of criminal records compiled from various state and county sources by a private company. While it is useful as a source of potential records, it is not reliable as a definitive report of criminal records. We often find mistakes in the database records and the database misses more records than it finds.

Our policy is that if needed, we will run a SSN verification and a county level(s) search on any database record that is found within the scope that is reportable according to the FCRA.

Prevent Employee Fraud & Theft

Pre employment screening can help prevent resume fraud by verifying the applicants’ previous education and employment. Additionally, pre-employment screening can identify prospective employees with a history of theft or embezzlement and eliminate them from the hiring process.

Developing pre employment screening policies and participating in employee background checks can show that the employer has exercised due diligence in the hiring  process, helping to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits.
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