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The two main purposes for ordering driving records are pre-employment screening and insurance underwriting. Driving records give these two industries a better insight into the driving habits of potential drivers, and enable them to make decisions on those driving company vehicles.

Fleet management safety programs that include a driving record check lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and better employee morale.  Running a driving record before hiring a driver may reduce insurance costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Driving Records


Driving Record Monitoring

Our FleetAlert Service is online service that provides powerful ongoing driver record monitoring that can help you manage drivers more effectively.

Automatically monitor your employee’s driving records on a regular basis. Our Fleet Alert system will automatically check for new violations, DUI convictions, license suspensions, revocations, and approaching license renewal dates.

Fleet Alert

  • Automatically monitor your employee’s Driving Records
  • Driving Record Alerts Sent via E-mail
  • Fleet Driver Management
  • Custom Driver Scoring

Instant Online Driving Records Direct from the DMV.  Available all day, everyday.
No lines…No waiting.

Instant Driving Records

We recommend a Driving Record Check for any prospective or existing employee who is being considered for a position that requires driving on company time.  Driving Records go back at least 3 years and provide valuable information on Violations, Convictions, DUI, DWI, Suspensions and Expirations. The Driving record data comes directly from the state DMV and is update everyday.


Driving Records

  • Driving Records from the DMV Database
  • Order Driving Records Online 24×7
  • Violations & Convictions
  • Suspensions & Revocations
  • Endorsements & Endorsements

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